Xcode 12 Bate、ダウンロードしたまま入れられていない。
公開しているwathOS系アプリがある為、watchOS Complicationはついつい見てしまう。


  • Keynote
  • Submit your questions for the cast and creators of Mythic Quest:Raven’s Banquet
  • Platforms State of the Union
  • Build complication in SwiftUI
  • Distribute binary frameworks as Swift packages
  • Introduction to SwiftUI
  • Swift Packages:Resources and localization
  • What’s new in Swift
  • What’s new in SwiftUI
  • WidgetKitのご紹介
  • iPadの設計
  • Add custom views and modifiers to the Xcode Library
  • App essentials in SwiftUI
  • Build with iOS pickers, menus and actions
  • Visually edit SwiftUI views
  • Widget Code-along,part 1:The adventure begins
  • Widget Code-along,part 2:Alternate timelines
  • Widget Code-along,part 3:Advancing timelines
  • iOSピッカー、メニュー、およびアクションによる設計
  • Build document-based apps in SwiftUI
  • Keep your complications up to date
  • Stacks,Grids, and Outlines in SwiftUI
  • Build SwiftUI views for widget
  • Date Essentials in SwiftUI
  • Meet Watch Face Sharing
  • Structure your app for SwiftUI previews
  • どこにでもAutoFill


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